Make small changes that have a big impact on students.

Developed from insights of over 1,000 educators and a thorough canvas of the scholarly research about what works, this course makes it easy to develop tailored plans individualized for your students. When you implement targeted collaboration, you will:

  • Get more out of your relationships with students and families

  • Build strategic relationships with peers to share the workload

  • Achieve more impact from classroom interventions

  • Facilitate learning and growth from all students, even your most diverse learners

What is Targeted Collaboration?

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More Information about ABC's Approach

Our mission is to ensure that every child, especially children with disabilities, has a collaborative educator team with the mindsets, skills, and knowledge to meet their unique learning needs.

  • Better Identify & Meet Student Needs

    Targeted Collaboration for Impact training gives educators the skills necessary to authentically engage with the special education process and better understand how to identify and meet the needs of students with diverse learning needs in the classroom.

  • Enhance Educator Efficacy

    This course prepares you to: (1) Serve in a co-teaching or inclusion setting; (2) Work with colleagues to improve how special education is delivered; and (3) Partner with parents to meaningfully involve them in the education process.

  • Access Practical Tools & Strategies

    Progress at you own pace and integrate learning into the busy school day. Modules provide insight for varying levels of expertise, from novice to experienced practitioner. Each module also includes downloadable tools that can be immediately used in classroom practice.

Interested in Running a Cohort at your School?

We've got you covered. ABC will design our sessions for you.

ABC will bring customized solutions, including Targeted Collaboration for Impact, to your school designed the way you want it. We'll work with your leadership team to create a plan for online content delivery, delivered synchronously and asynchronously, on a timeline that works for your team. We also provide individualized consulting and technology-driven solutions for schools looking to take their special education improvement efforts to the next level.