Using our framework, building critical skills for inclusive classrooms has never been easier.

ABC's Inclusion Training for Teachers, Targeted Collaboration for Impact (TCI), helps educators (especially those with no prior special education expertise) work together to identify, share, and meet the needs of students with disabilities.  Over 5 weeks, through a combination of self-paced content and live sessions, educators hone the skills research tells us are necessary to get results for diverse learners. 

 Participants learn how to:

  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration;
  • Understand and connect with each student's potential;
  • Build professional partnerships to set and meet robust student goals;
  • Communicate for consistency across stakeholders;
  • Develop meaningful family partnerships; and
  • Much more!

Interested in joining our next open cohort?  Click the orange button above to contact us directly.  Or have your school or district connect with us about running a customized cohort designed for your context.

Total Cost:  $850/ participant 

What's Included:

5 live sessions (2 90 min. and 3 60 min sessions)
Self-paced content about building more inclusive classrooms 
Access to a cohort of like-minded educators
Over 25 downloadable tools for immediate classroom use
Support from ABC's experts
Certificate of Completion for 12.5 hours of Continuing Education
NEW: Earn a digital credential for use on social media, CVs, and more!

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Enroll a group of teachers from your school or district.

Let ABC take the work off your plate with a few quick steps

Sponsor a team to participate by downloading the overview linked below and sharing the opportunity with your teachers.  When they're ready to enroll, reach out to us and ABC will send you one invoice (and you can also take advantage of our group discounts).  

Discounts:  2-3 teachers - 10%; 4-6 teachers - 15%; 7+ teachers - 20%.

Course content is timely, fun, and can be implemented right away in your classroom.

But don’t take it from us - here’s what educators have to say:

“Even as a school psychologist with more than a decade of experience with consultation and collaboration in schools, ABC's Targeted Collaboration course provided me with many opportunities to reflect on and improve my practice. I appreciated the frameworks, the concrete tools, and the opportunity to share my learning with like-minded colleagues.”

School Psychologist, MT


Early Education Classroom Teacher, DC

“This process helped me build relationships with my colleagues and use their feedback to teach and improve instruction…”

Middle School Special Education Teacher, DC
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ABC's Inclusion Training for Teachers Overview

Targeted Collaboration for Impact helps educators work together to identify, share, and meet the needs of diverse learners. Click on each module to learn more.


Caroline Bilal

Senior Instructor

Caroline Bilal is an Educational Psychologist who has spent most of her professional career designing and managing educational products for educators in predominantly low-income, under-resourced urban school districts. Caroline has extensive experience working in the non-profit sector and is passionate about utilizing the principles of Design Thinking as well as research methodology best practices in helping non-profit and community-based organizations define and achieve their mission. As a mother of a developmentally disabled 7-year old, Caroline understands the necessity for a shift in our nation's ability to support differently-abled children both inside and outside of the educational context and thus feels the urgency to contribute to this important work through her skillset. Caroline received her B.A. in International Relations from Beloit College in Wisconsin and an M.A. in Educational Psychology and Research from New York University. She lives with her husband and their four rambunctious children in Chappaqua, New York.