We're all on the hook for recovery...

This short course will give you what you need to ensure your work with young people is inclusive and targeted.

Whether it's through high dosage tutoring, other intensive interventions, or continued support in remote settings, it's going to require a collective effort to accelerate learning for children over the next year. This course is designed for individuals entering educational spaces and roles working with young people who are looking for a boot camp about disability - what is it, how does it impact learning, and how can we design supports that help. Participants will engage with content that kick starts quality connections with children and builds deeper collaboration with others working toward the same goals.
Girl learning at her computer

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction from The Ability Challenge

    • Introduction from the Instructor

  • 2

    The Importance of Collaboration - Creating the Conditions for Diverse Learners

  • 3

    Disability and Learning - Understanding the Impact of a child's disability on their ability to learn

    • Disability - A Social Construct

    • Understanding how schools (and classrooms) are structured

    • A Starting Point for Identifying Student Need

    • How Disabilities Show Up in School

    • Introducing Intervention Planning

    • Meaning Making Activity

  • 4

    Supporting Children with Disabilities to Learn

    • Understanding the Support Mandates Provided to Diverse Learners

    • Creating Supports & Interventions

    • Empathy When Working with Families

    • Carry-Over of Supports

  • 5


    • Conclusion

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